Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Orchard

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My mother talks about the orchard on their farm in Valley Springs -- and the shenanigans involved.


Joanne said...

Very cool! This is such a great way to journal and preserve family memories. I hope you are backing them up to cd or dvd to preserve them.

Thanks for checking out my blog. You sure have a lot of them going on, all very interesting, although I couldn't hear sound on your "Funny Vlog". Not sure if it's my computer or what. Those puppies sure looked cute though.

Annie D said...

WOW ! This is way cool ! Best thang I have seen on the internet in a while.. ya know, something REALLY worth while. What a great idea! I am gonna have to show this to my my mum in law, I think she would like this concept for recording her mother's stories.